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Bringing Inventive Ideas to Life With Custom Building Services

Finally, the home you’ve only seen in your dreams built, finished, and ready to house you and your family for the years to come. Aura Construction offers comprehensive construction services with a personal touch, so the sky is truly the limit with what we can do for your custom build.

Safe and Sturdy Foundations

We will begin carefully laying slabs of concrete, completing frames, and drying roofing materials to ensure safety and success for the next steps of construction. We will also install the windows and exterior doors according to our blueprint.

Comprehensive Utilities

We complete HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and insulation systems to guarantee a comfortable home for you and the family. Our builders guarantee exceptional quality installations so you can enjoy problem-free utilities for a long time.

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Drywall and Siding

Our team constructs heavy-duty drywalls and sidings to ensure long-lasting builds. We use professional materials, tools, and equipment to make sure your home withstands wear and tear, saving it from aesthetic and structural damage.

Quality Flooring

Install low-maintenance floors that deliver absolute comfort and luxury. Our partners at ProSource Wholesale have a great inventory of flooring materials that are always refreshed to give you contemporary selections every time.

Rooms, Kitchens, and Baths

We customize and build interior and exterior spaces for various purposes. From practical kitchen and baths to additional features such as movie rooms and outdoor kitchens, we can do it all.

Carpentry, Cabinetry, and Countertops

Furnish your space with stylish and turdy compartments installed in various parts of your home. We specialize in carpentry services done with the highest level of care and precision so you can get durable cabinets and countertops that last.

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